What we do

The Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) will be a new public body.

It will protect and improve the environment by holding government and public authorities to account against their commitments and environmental law.

It will be expert, strategic and independent.

How we do it

The OEP will:

  • report to Parliament on progress towards national environmental goals and targets, and on environmental law
  • advise Ministers on proposed changes to the law and other matters affecting the environment
  • investigate complaints about potential breaches of environmental law by government and public bodies 
  • enforce environmental law through legal action where necessary

For more on our current role and remit, please visit our FAQs

Our strategy

Our strategy will go into more detail about how we will do our job.

We are currently preparing the strategy and we will ask for views before we finalise and publish it. 

Our people

Our staff and board are led by the Chair-designate, Dame Glenys Stacey, and Interim CEO-designate, Natalie Prosser.

Who we are

Natural Capital Committee (NCC)

The Natural Capital Committee (NCC) delivered independent advice to government on protecting and improving natural capital. In carrying out its scrutiny and advice functions, the OEP will build upon work undertaken by the NCC.

Read more about NCC

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Publication scheme

Before the OEP gets its full powers and independence, we are  still part of Defra and therefore we are using the Defra Publication Scheme.

This specifies the categories of information Defra and its agencies publish and explains how to access that information.

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