Failure to meet NI EIP deadline ‘deeply regrettable’

OEP CEO Natalie Prosser wrote to DAERA about the failure to meet the 25 July statutory deadline for an Environmental Improvement Plan to be laid before the Assembly. 

Describing the failure as ‘deeply regrettable’ but acknowledging the reasons for it, she called for the delay to be kept to a minimum and for transparency around the plan to finalise the EIP. She added that the wider political context should not affect the ambition and content of the EIP. 

The OEP letter, and a response from DAERA Permanent Secretary Katrina Godfrey, can be found on this page and downloaded by clicking on the blue buttons. Additional correspondence between the OEP and the Permanent Secretary has been added to this page on Friday 22 September 2023, on Tuesday 23 January 2024, and on Wednesday 6 March 2024. Correspondence between Minister Muir and the OEP has been added on Tuesday 16 April.