OEP seeking volunteers to join College of Experts

The Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) is seeking volunteers to sign up to a College of Experts to provide insight and advice to help in its work.  

We are looking for experts in the monitoring and implementation of environmental law and the natural, economic and social science research communities, who want to use their expertise to support and enhance environmental protection. This includes those involved in the practical delivery and performance of environmental strategies.  

Professor Robbie McDonald, Chief Scientist with the OEP, said: “Evidence and intelligence are essential to enabling the OEP to be both strategic, forward-looking, and agile so that we can be responsive to events. Evidence is essential to help us understand the state of, and the drivers, pressures, barriers and opportunities related to, the environment. 

“The College of Experts will increase our access to specialists, providing a mechanism for the organisation to broaden its evidence base, identify key areas of research interest and bolster the provision of external expertise, challenge, and advice. 

“The members of the college will be selected through an open process to provide comprehensive expertise in support of the OEP’s work and will bring external expertise into all aspects of the organisations work.” 

The role is voluntary and unpaid, but any expenses incurred will be reimbursed. Members of the College will be acting in an individual capacity and will not represent any organisation or research community. Membership will be in the public domain, but members will not speak publicly on behalf of the OEP or represent its views.

It is anticipated that members will be asked to contribute a maximum of 10 days a year.  

More information about this opportunity to help in our work to protect and improve the environment can be found here. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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